Institutional Setup

The PPPU is supervised by the Public-Private Partnership Council, which was established under the same 2014 law and serves as the higher regulatory authority. The council is chaired by the Prime Minister and includes the Minister of Finance; the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supplies; the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation; a minister named by the Prime Minister; the Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan; and the Public-Private Partnership Unit Director.

In order to improve public infrastructure and services, encourage private sector participation, and develop new financial tools, the Public-Private Partnership Unit was established under the 2014 Public-Private Partnership Law. The unit reports directly to the Minister of Finance and has the following responsibilities:


  • Identify the technical requirements for any partnership project, for example, economic, social, environmental, and financial feasibility requirements; risk analysis; and the need for financial support from the public sector to bridge the viability gap.
  • Identify the standard stages for PPP projects and the project life cycle.
  • Identify the requirements for the preparation of periodic reports for Contracting Parties regarding concluded partnership projects for the purpose of obtaining the Council's approval.
  • Study PPP project applications.
  • Review the PPP project's feasibility study.
  • Review the negotiated contracts..
  • Conduct a general consultation regarding the proposed PPP project.
  • Assemble and study annual reports submitted by Contracting Authorities and submit them to the Council.
  • Receive and register PPP project applications from Contracting Authorities.
  • Approve the standard conditions that govern the work of advisors hired by Contracting Authorities of the PPP project and assist the parties in implementing these measures.
  • Draft exemplary referential guidelines and contractual provisions, based on the standard conditions of PPP agreements, and improve the general principles and practices to encourage development of PPP projects..
  • Draft laws and regulations required to implement provisions of the Public-Private Partnership Law and submit them to the Council.
  • Receive periodic reports from Contracting Authorities pertaining to implementation of partnership projects and brief the Council on the implementation framework.
  • Provide technical support to Contracting Authorities during PPP project implementation phases.
  • Support the formation of committees formed by the Contracting Authorities for each PPP project.
  • Support Contracting Authorities in obtaining required licenses and approvals in coordination with the Jordan Investment Commission
  • Help build the capacity of government employees.
  • Support Contracting Authorities in setting up a periodic performance evaluation after submitting PPP project bids.
  • Document feasibility studies, technical reports, and bid evaluation reports, and maintain copies of contracts..
  • Establish a database for PPP projects.