Training Workshop on the PPP program


The PPP Unit at MOF, in cooperation with Expertise France- the Government of France, held a training workshop on the public private partnership program to help build the capacity and enhance the efficiency of concerned staff, raise awareness of the PPP program, review case studies and practical examples, and study the legal framework and financial impact of PPP projects.

The workshop was inaugurated by the MOF SG, Dr. Ezzidin Kanakrieh, and attended by the French commercial attaché and representatives of ministries and government departments and institutions concerned with PPP projects.

In his opening remarks, Kanakrieh said the Government of Jordan, through its economic and fiscal reform program, seeks to create an attractive environment for private investments and ensure a greater participation of the private sector in government projects, especially in the fields of water, sanitation, power generation, renewable energy and transport.

Kanakrieh added that the role of the private sector is to provide the necessary funding for projects, bear the risks related to building, operating and maintaining the projects, and provide the needed services efficiently and at competitive costs, while the government would remain the owner of the projects.

He further stressed that the workshop aims to raise awareness of the PPP law and the relevant regulations as well as best international practices in issuing tenders, negotiating contracts, tracking performance indicators and assessing the financial aspects of the projects, including financing tools and the sharing of risks.

The workshop tackled the contractual legal requirements of PPPs, the procedures for issuing and executing PPP tenders, direct offers, and the key elements that should be included in PPP contracts. The workshop also underpinned the government’s efforts in supporting PPPs in various fields and in promoting and encouraging greater private sector participation in economic development and in implementing development plans and infrastructure projects, in addition to creating an attractive environment for private investments in PPPs in various key sectors.


The workshop also explained to the participants key concepts related to PPPs and their associated risks, implementation mechanism, the preparation and issuance of tenders, the evaluation of bids, contract negotiations, related legislation which grants sufficient powers to contracting government authorities to propose and carry out new PPPs in a transparent and clear manner with the support of the PPP Unit at MOF.


At the workshop, the main accomplishments under the PPP program and the future plan for MOF were overviewed, in addition to success stories of PPPs in various sectors in Jordan such as the Queen Alia Airport expansion, the wastewater treatment plant in Kherbit Essamra, and the Aqaba container terminal projects.


Participants expressed keen interest in the PPP program as it enables the preparation and execution of projects and stressed the need for cooperation and coordination with the PPP Unit at MOF which serves as the governmental focal point for implementing the PPP program.




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