A Workshop on Fiscal Commitment & Contingent Liabilities Arising out of ( PPPs.)  


The Public-Private Partnership Unit (PPPU) at the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with World Bank Group held a training workshop on “Fiscal Commitments &Contingent Liabilities arising out of PPPs” . 

The workshop was inaugurated on behalf of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance, by the Director of the PPP Unit, Mr. Osama Sulieman. In his opening remarks Sulieman said that this workshop is with the technical assistance provided by the World Bank Group for capacity building of the PPP Unit and the government bodies.

The workshop that was held for two days on 4-5 March 2018 in Amman and was attended by the representatives of line ministries, government departments and institutions, introduced the definition of the partnership program according to the best international practices, and highlighted the understanding of the challenges that may arise from the financial commitments of the partnership projects in the short or long term and the reflection of these obligations on the public budget. In addition to the definitions of PPP, it tackled the typology, nature and structures of PPP sectors and projects that are subject to a PPP benefits, sectoral developments, risk sharing ,and focused of analysis and evaluations needed for the PPP decision: technical, commercial, financial, legal feasibility and the Value for Money and Cost benefit analysis examples, PPP procurement cycle, and key contractual provisions of the PPP agreement.

The Jordanian PPP program was presented by the PPPU director Mr. Osama Sulieman , who explained the PPP law and regulations in addition to how to manage fiscal commitments and contingent liabilities, provision examples of guarantees and design, PPP risk management. And Dr. Ali Ghwairi , Head of Projects Division at the PPPU presented the database program for the  implemented  and ongoing PPP projects. 

The participants were briefed about the important achievements of the Jordanian PPP program and the future plans of the PPPU, and they showed great interest in the topics presented in this workshop and they were engaged in sessions of interactive exercises on cases and Q&A on Jordanian experiences.





On Thursday April 28, 2016, The Ministry of Finance’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Unit held its first orientation workshop, bringing together Government of Jordan ministries and departments to discuss the details of the recently-passed Public-Private Partnership Law and Regulation and prepare for the public-private partnership program in Jordan.

The PPP Unit, under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance and the Public-Private Partnership Council, acts as a central body for the supervision, regulation, and support of all PPPs conducted by the Government of Jordan.

H.E. Mr. Omar Malhas inaugurated the Public-Private Partnership Public Sector Orientation workshop which was held the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the Jordan Fiscal Reform Project and USAID.

The workshop provided an excellent introduction to Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) principally for non-public policy professionals, sector planners and public procurement specialists who have management responsibilities in government ministries, departments and agencies.

Finance Minister Omar Malhas underlined the importance of the partnership between public and private sectors and its role in stimulating the private sector's participation in economic development, and added that the government worked on providing adequate environment to attract private investments to help implement important projects in vital sectors such as water, electricity, renewable energy and transportation.

Under partnership projects, the private sector is tasked with providing necessary funds for these schemes and is responsible for bearing risks related to project establishment, operation and maintenance, in addition to providing services with high quality and competitive prices, in return for achieving proper financial revenues.